Environment Registration

Professional Registration for Environmentalists

The water industry contributes to and relies upon the quality of the natural environment and strives to sustain or improve the environment at every opportunity. Sustainable development is therefore an integral part of the culture which has always been embedded in the water utilities, their regulators and suppliers, all of which understand environmental issues and promote environmental stewardship.

As a water sector employee and environmental practitioner you will be aware of the significant global environmental challenges that face us all. Public expectation and demands on your knowledge and experience will continue to increase and you will need to demonstrate your professionalism with ever greater rigour and transparency.

If you want to help create a more sustainable world and prove the value of what you do, why not consider becoming a Chartered Environmentalist or a Registered Environmental Technician through the Institute of Water?

The Society for the Environment recorded a webinar with their Head of Licensing, Registration and Standards, Geoff Atkins, to discuss the process of becoming a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and a Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech). Watch the webinar recording below:


Which registration is best for me?

Chartered Environmentalists must be qualified to Masters Level*1 and would normally have a minimum of four years’ relevant work experience.

*1 The standard route is through a relevant Masters Degree, a PhD or another Chartered qualification but Masters Level can be demonstrated through writing a Masters Equivalence Report.

Registered Environmental Technicians must have a level of knowledge, understanding and skills equivalent to at least QCF Level 3 and would normally have a minimum of two years’ relevant work experience.


What do I need to demonstrate?

Both qualifications – CEnv and REnvTech – have four key competences which you will need to demonstrate to the appropriate degree:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the environment
  • Sustainable management of the environment
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Personal commitment to professional standards


How do I demonstrate the competences?

Applicants are required to submit written evidence. For Registered Environmental Technician, the evidence will be assessed against the REnvTech competences by an assessor from the Institute of Water. For Chartered Environmentalist, candidates will be invited to attend a Professional Review interview with two Institute of Water assessors, giving an opportunity to discuss your career and your experience in some more detail.

You can find out further information about each of the Environmental Registrations and how to apply by clicking their relevant page on the left.  To find out how you can sign up to our mentoring programme and receive guidance throughout your application process from mentors specialising in Environment click here.


Streamlined Route to CEnv for Chartered Engineers and Chartered Scientists

If you are a Chartered Engineer or a Chartered Scientist you are already committed to sustainable development and the Institute of Water can offer you a streamlined application route to become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv). Adding the CEnv qualification demonstrates to employers and peers that you take your environmental responsibilities as seriously as your scientific and engineering ones.

For more information click here!