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Mentoring Month: Being a Mentor

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The role of a mentor is to contribute towards a mentee’s career aspirations through careful guidance and support. The mentor uses their experience, expertise, guidance and wisdom to prepare their mentees for a better future.

No-one can become an inspirational mentor in just a day, it comes with experience. It is a life skill that can be learnt, developed and nurtured over a period of time. It’s a continuous learning curve where the mentor grows and learns alongside their mentee.

Here are some proven tips that can effectively enhance your mentoring skills:

  1. Be Yourself
  2. Listen
  3. Set Realistic Expectations
  4. Be Responsible, Reasonable and Respectful
  5. Provide Constructive Feedback

CLICK HERE to find out more about becoming a mentor and the benefits of doing so.


Natalie is one of the mentors on our mentoring platform, she is currently in a partnership and finding the process enjoyable and rewarding. CLICK HERE to view more profiles of our mentors and hear their opinions on the process.


Natalie Akroyd

Job Title: Head of Coal Authority Contract

Company: Severn Trent Services

Length of time in the water industry: 15 years

Status: In a mentoring partnership

Why did you Sign up to the Mentoring Platform and what do you hope to achieve from the experience?

I hoped I would be able to offer advice and support, as well as sharing my experiences and decisions, mistakes and successes. Throughout my career I have had several different mentors who have been invaluable to my personal and career development, and so I hoped to be able to give something similar to someone else.

How have you found the process so far?

In one word – fulfilling. What I didn’t expect was how beneficial the partnership would be for me as a mentor – it has made me stop and look at my career to date, celebrate some successes and also recognise some of my strengths and weaknesses. It has also meant I have done some valuable self-reflection. It’s been great building a relationship with my mentee and hopefully I have helped and supported her in some way!


Feeling inspired? CLICK HERE to find out more about becoming a mentor or a mentee and sign up to our online mentoring programme.

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