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We all know that engineering careers offer a wide range of exciting opportunities to shape the future, promising jobs that are yet to be imagined.

But we also know that despite lots of great activities to inspire and engage children and young people, awareness and uptake into engineering careers remains too low.

The Year of Engineering (2018) was a catalyst for the community, and conversations about ways to work together to increase the number and diversity of young people entering engineering have culminated in the development of the Inspiring Engineers: Code of Practice, which is being created by the sector in collaboration with government.

While no one organisation can solve the problem alone, through working together in a co-ordinated and collaborative way we can increase the impact of programmes and initiatives dedicated to inspiring the next generation of engineers.

The creation of a Code was a key recommendation in The Perkins Engineering Skills for the Future report and the draft has been co-created by over 40 organisations, including Professional Engineering Institutes, FTSE 100 companies, SMEs and Government departments.

Aimed at those who fund, design or deliver inspiration activities, the Code is centred around four priority areas to galvanise the sector to:

  • Joining individual programmes together
  • Ensuring no body is left behind
  • Telling a positive and compelling view of engineering
  • Developing a common evaluation toolkit

Want to get involved?

There is still work to be done; we’re keen to continue to involve organisations from across the sector, no matter how big or small, in the Code’s development.

Find out more and have your say on the draft Inspiring Engineers Code of Practice at before 5pm on Sunday, 13th October 2019.

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