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Charlotte Robinson: our 100th Chartered Scientist

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We are delighted to announce we have registered our 100th Chartered Scientist (CSci). Charlotte Robinson is currently a Water Quality Technical Support Engineer for the Reservoir Maintenance & Inspection Team at Yorkshire Water and has 8 years’ experience in technical Team Leader and Scientist roles.

Charlotte is the third member from Yorkshire Water to attain CSci, following Dr Krishna Morker (Public Health Manager) and James Keeley (Asset Planning Sponsor).

Charlotte said “Becoming a Chartered Scientist is a career highlight and a source of personal pride and credibility, which will no doubt further my career in the industry. I was delighted to hear that I was the 100th Chartered Scientist and I hope that my colleagues at Yorkshire Water and in the wider industry will consider recognition for their contribution and hard work.

“The Institute of Water has been immensely supportive throughout and the professional review was a positive, friendly and engaging process.

“I would like to give special thanks to my application sponsor, Chartered Scientist Dr Krishna Morker, whose unwavering support gave me the confidence to apply”.

Since gaining a licence from the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist in 2013, our scientific professional development offering has gone from strength to strength with the additions of Registered Scientist and Registered Science Technician.

Building on our pioneering partnership with Anglian Water on scientific development, we now have registrants from a wide range of water companies, regulators, consultants and the supply chain.  We are developing  partnerships with other water companies – particularly Thames and Yorkshire – and Charlotte, Krishna and James will be well placed to support a cohort of 22 from Yorkshire Water who are embarking on a path to Professional Registration.

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