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Diversity & Inclusion from MOSL

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The UK water sector delivers the most fundamental public service: it provides reliable, resilient, safe and good quality water and wastewater services for everyone.

Now, as the sector faces the challenges of climate change and greater demand from population growth, it is also expected to do the right things for customers and the environment.

When Ofwat published its Time to act, together strategy in 2019 it stated: “Companies will need to be run with a clear purpose, adding wider public value for customers and communities as well as for shareholders.”

One aspect of our Business Plan at the Institute of Water is to improve the brand of the water industry, particularly its social purpose. We recognised that a number of organisations had already made statements on social purpose and we agreed to showcase what has been done, with the aims of raising awareness, sharing best practice and challenging members to find out more about their own company.

MOSL’s Pledge:

MOSL is the market operator for the non-household retail market in England, operating in a market of over 1.2 million customers who use almost one third of the water consumed in England.

Their purpose is to advance simple and effective water markets to unlock value and choice for customers.

Their vision is to use their collective expertise and independent insight to deliver the best customer outcomes.

They are delivering on these through four strategic priorities:

  • Service excellence – simple and effective services that are easy to access
  • Data insight – Evidence based decisions, driving value for customers
  • Market improvement – a successful market that is continually improving
  • Organisational capability – a high performing team

When we invited CEO Sarah McMath to explain the Social Purpose of MOSL, she opted for an inclusive approach to show how the purpose and values are embedded in their culture and throughout the team. You can watch the MOSL Social Purpose video HERE.

You can hear from:

  • Sarah McMath (CEO)
  • Abu Rashid (Senior Market Design Analyst)
  • Lyvia Nabarro (Head of Market Engagement & Communications)
  • Liz D’Arcy (Head of Data Analytics & Insight)
  • Anna Heal (Chair of the MOSL Board)

Explaining their understanding of Social Purpose in a video produced specially for this series.

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