Registered Scientist (RSci)

There are thousands of scientists in the water industry, working in a wide variety of roles for water companies, regulators and across the supply chain. If you are one of them, and are interested in gaining recognition for your high levels of professionalism and scientific competence, then why not consider becoming a Registered Scientist through the Institute of Water?

Why become a Registered Scientist?

  • Nationally recognised demonstration of proven capabilities and competence
  • Professional credibility and status
  • Showcasing commitment to a Code of Professional Conduct and the undertaking of continued professional development (CPD).
  • Improved career prospects
  • Employer assurance

Who can become a Registered Scientist?

Registered Scientist registration is open to anyone who can demonstrate the competencies required by the Science Council, and who is willing to abide by their Code of Conduct. The competencies sit inside the following overarching statements:

  • Identify and use relevant scientific understanding, methods and skills to address broadly-defined, complex problems
  • Exercise personal responsibility in planning and implementing tasks
  • Demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods
  • Demonstrate a personal commitment to professional standards

Each of these is broken down into specific attributes which all Registered Scientists are expected to have. Before you consider applying for RSci, you should be familiar with the competencies required. You can view the competencies here.

How to become a Registered Scientist

Consider the standards required for registration, and discuss these with your employer or with another Chartered Scientist. Please refer to the latest edition of the RSci Standards. These were published in September 2020 and all new applictions will be assessed using these Standards.

Once you are ready to apply, please download our Short Guide to RSci application and our RSci application form.

RSci applicants must have EITHER a Level 5 (Bachelor’s degree or higher) qualification within a scientific discipline OR equivalent learning and achievement. If you do not have any relevant qualifications to include then please ensure you complete the RSci equivalency section of the application form.

As part of your application you will be asked to produce a copy of your CPD record. Institute of Water members have exclusive access to our online CPD platform to support you in the recording and presenting of this, click here to find out more.

All applicants for registration as a Registered Scientist must be members of a professional body such as the Institute of Water. Click here to find out more about Institute of Water membership


  • Professional Review Fees for Registered Scientist (RSci) £168
  • Initial Registration Fees (covers registration until your next membership renewal date) for Registered Scientist (RSci) £20.70
  • Annual Renewal Fees for Registered Scientist (RSci) £20.70

For guidance and advice on professional registration, contact Stuart Craig, Professional Registration Manager, on 0191 422 0088 or

Meet a Registered Scientist

Ivan Rozmetanyuk – Supply Support Manager; Anglian Water

I have worked in the water industry for 8 years, the last 4 as a Reactive Water Quality Scientist at Severn Trent and then Anglian Water. I began my RSci journey in 2018 but was unable to motivate myself to progress on the application and found any excuse not to put pen to paper. Some IWater members may be in the same situation right now and I’d encourage those to seek some support as I did from my mentor and IWater workshops which spurred me on! The whole application, competency report and professional review were actually a pleasure to complete and provided excellent opportunity to reflect on achievements and career but to also look ahead. During my RSci submission, I used my CPD and competency report to help me progress into a new role as a Supply Support Manger.

The professional recognition I have achieved has left a residing feeling of pride and accomplishment which I know will help me in pursuing chartership and progressing my career.

Recent registrants

Katie Todd –  Risk Scientist; Anglian Water

Josh Graver – Water Quality Risk Scientist; Anglian Water

Hannah Swainston – GC Analyst; RPS