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The Foundation for Water Research (FWR) is a membership-based registered independent charity dedicated to educating the public in the science, engineering and management of water resources, water treatment, water supply, water use, the collection, treatment and reuse of wastewaters and the water environment in general.

FWR brings together and disseminates knowledge, making it widely available by a number of methods including:

  • Publishing Reviews Of Current Knowledge, Guides and Newsletters on water topics in ‘plain English’;
  • Producing the Regulation for Water Quality Handbook and Urban Pollution Management Manual;
  • Conferences and Exhibitions;
  • Wastewater Forum;
  • Hosting a River Catchment as part of Defra’s Catchment Partnership Action Fund;
  • Providing an enquiry service on a wide range of topics relating to the water environment.


FWT offer solutions to water problems. We can provide a wide variety of services relating to water supplies and ground source heat pumps to both the domestic and light commercial sector. We design and install borehole, spring catchment and ground source heat pump systems. Our bespoke systems are designed and installed to the highest standards to ensure they meet all your requirements and conform to the latest private water supply regulations. We also install, service and maintain water softeners, pH correction units and other water treatment equipment as well as offering a full range of water testing services.