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Water Process Solutions

Inclusive of Encore® 700 chemical metering pumps and PolyBlend® polymer dosing systems, the WPS product line and services support treatment within water re-use, potable water, wastewater, pools and leisure, facilities management, food preparation, plus a vast array of industrial processes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and of our customer service, if we can offer assistance to you, please do not hesitate to call us.


Water2business is a leading retailer of water and waste water management solutions to businesses and organisations across England and Scotland.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and our customers benefit from water and wastewater efficiency advice and flexible and consolidated billing for multiple sites.

Our experienced team specialises in water efficiency audits, environmental performance, trade effluent services, expert account management, billing options, benchmarking, smart metering and expert advice on water supply and management.

We offer tailored services, so whatever your business we can support you.

Watercare Systems Ltd

Provide water treatment and filtration solutions, Installation, Spare parts, Servicing and repairs

for all private water supplies from source to tap.

We supply services in accordance with the control of legionella bacteria in water systems hse L8,

Including remedial works, scheduled inspections, tank & pipework cleaning/disinfection to BS8558.

UKAS accredited chemical and microbiological water analysis for raw/potable water, effluent, spa & swimming pools.

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and assistance to provide safe drinking water

and to enable our customers to comply with all current private water supply & H&S legislation.


Watertrain is the market leader for the provision of water sector specific Apprenticeships, knowledge and competency qualifications and a wide range of bespoke training solutions.

Watertrain can deliver all the knowledge and competency qualifications accredited by CABWI, the nationally recognised awarding body for the water sector.

Our trading arm, Inteltrain, delivers a range of analytical and cyber qualifications with huge value in the water sector.

Watertrain has a very strong track record of listening to and working with clients to develop training solutions that are tailored to meet the precise requirements, so these then maximise the resulting business benefits.

WGM Engineering

WGM ENGINEERING are one of Scotland’s leading specialists in waste water engineering solution providers. We are committed to delivering projects and services ensuring that we meet our customer’s needs with the quality of workmanship and commitment to Health & Safety being paramount.


For over 25 years WPL is recognised as an international leader in engineering design, manufacture and supply of packaged sewage and wastewater treatment process solutions to the domestic, commercial and industrial markets.

WPL offers standardised products and bespoke process solutions for the cost-effective, on-site wastewater treatment, and can meet customers’ specific requirements in terms of whole-life cost, physical footprint, site access and discharge consents.
WPL ensure that wastewater treatment plants are designed and proven to exceed all current or proposed discharge consent standards enforced by the UK Environment Agency, SEPA or other regulatory bodies, and assure adherence to the following: ISO 9001; OSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certification.

WRc plc

WRc is an independent centre of excellence for innovation and operates across different sectors including Water, Environment, Gas and Waste and Resources. We are established innovation leaders who discover and deliver new and exciting solutions underpinned by our technical expertise.

By exploiting our knowledge and legacy, combined with the appropriate technology and continuously developing our professional networks, we work with our clients to implement valued solutions. Our strategic priorities are achieving revenue growth, improving profitability and delivering exceptional service. Achievement of these allows us to continue to supply our clients with the innovative solutions they require.