CPD Award

CPD Award for the Water Sector

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award is open to individuals at any stage in their water sector career who can demonstrate commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Applicants will be expected to be a member of the Institute of Water.

Entries are scored against six categories; the winning entry will be expected to contain all of the following elements:

• Scoping – Identifying skill gaps and opportunities for development
• Planning – Setting relevant goals for development activities and target dates
• Doing – Including formal learning, on the job opportunities and any development undertaken outside of work too
• Recording – Accurately recording development achievements and learning outcomes
• Reflecting – Evaluating achievements and reviewing them against professional and development needs
• Sharing – Explaining how others benefitted from your learning

The best CPD records we receive are put forward for the Institute of Water’s annual CPD Award, which is presented at the President’s Dinner and Awards.

The CPD Awards 2020 have re-opened! 

To award the professional registrations we offer, the registration authorities (Engineering Council, Science Council and Society for the Environment) expect the Institute of Water to sample CPD from a cross section of our members who hold a professional registration. We also select some of our Corporate Members who aren’t on a register, demonstrating the importance we place on CPD.

The best CPD records we receive are put forward for the Institute of Water’s annual CPD Award, which is presented at the President’s Dinner and Awards.

To apply, send your CPD record for the last 12 months to Sarah Dunn.

Entries close on 15th May 2020.


CPD Award Winners 2019

The 2019 CPD Award went to Lucy Hird from Anglian Water. She said:

“As a new member of the Institute of Water, I was first made aware of the distinguished reputation of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award during feedback from a senior leader. I had just secured a key development role within Anglian Water following a year of significant personal development as an emerging Change professional. With the support of friends and colleagues resonating with the sense of accomplishment I was feeling at the time for being accepted by my new peers, I decided to apply.

In my opinion, CPD is about proactively getting the best from opportunities and not relying on others to provide them. We need to continuously develop our skills in order to move our professions onwards, to work more effectively with our colleagues and make stronger contributions to the communities in which we belong. The turning point for me was understanding that it wasn’t the number of activities that mattered, but the new way I’d started looking at how I could get the best value from my efforts. This meant honest, objective evaluations, and onboarding lessons.

By the night of the awards ceremony I had completely convinced myself I wasn’t going to win. Having only planned to enjoy the event, the conversations and successes of my colleagues, I spent the first few moments hearing the results in shock! I can honestly say I had not felt exhilaration like that for a long time. I’d recommend to anyone in two minds about submitting a nomination for an award, to throw caution to the wind and absolutely just go for it!”

The two runners-up were Carmen Snowdon, WRc plc & Patric Bulmer, Bristol Water.