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CPD Award

CPD Award for the Water Sector

The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Award is open to individuals at any stage in their water sector career who can demonstrate commitment to continuous learning and improvement. Applicants will be expected to belong to a professional body but not necessarily the Institute of Water.

Short-listed entrants are invited to attend the Institute of Water’s Annual Awards Dinner where the winner is presented with their trophy in a prestigious ceremony, surrounded by senior figures from the water sector.

Entries are judged against four criteria:

  • Identifying development needs and opportunities
  • Setting goals and target dates
  • Recording development achievements and learning outcomes
  • Evaluating achievements and reviewing them against development needs


2017 Applications Entries Now Closed

Applicants are invited to submit text of up to 1500 words plus up to three pieces of relevant supporting material such as a development action plan or historical log of CPD activities and learning outcomes.  Submissions will also be taken from our annual CPD monitoring exercise.

The winner of the 2017 CPD award will be announced at the Institute of Water National President’s Dinner and Awards in Manchester on 14th June.


2016 Winners

The 2016 CPD Award went to Thomas Kelly, Kelda Water. Colin Hinge, Anglian Water and Darragh Hoban, Mott MacDonald were runners-up.

Thomas said:

“I am really grateful to the Institute of Water for presenting me with the prestigious 2016 CPD award. It is fantastic to be acknowledged in this way, especially given the calibre of the other nominees.

I believe that the key to professional development is to welcome challenges as well as seeking out opportunities, reflecting on learning outcomes and always considering how to improve further. The Institute of Water has many ways to facilitate your progress including; online CPD tracking, professional registration, mentoring, awards and events; all of which represent fantastic development opportunities. If something in the Journal or on the website appeals to you, don’t hesitate to enquire about it, it could lead somewhere.

I have tracked my CPD throughout my career, allocating time periodically to reflect on what I have achieved, what skills I believe I will need in future and how best to develop them. Doing this has enabled me to add more value to my employer, achieve professional registration and encouraged me to pursue postgraduate qualifications as well; all of which the Institute of Water has helped to facilitate.

I will continue to support my team and colleagues to progress their CPD, and hopefully my achievement of winning the 2016 CPD award will encourage others to do the same. Don’t wait for opportunities to present themselves; be proactive, seek them out and take them!”


2015 Winners

Kara Sadler, Anglian Water won the 2015 CPD award with Paul Holton, Southern Water taking second place and Mandy Senewirante, MWH Global taking third.

Kara said:

“I began to keep a CPD log when I first joined the Institute of Water four years ago. During this time I’ve developed myself academically, professionally and most important, personally. When I speak to people about CPD, they often assume that it is a laborious and highly administrative process, but it really isn’t and it does have many benefits. It is about finding what works best for you.

I dedicate a set amount of time every week to focus on my CPD log. This involves identifying my development areas, setting goals, and recording my progress.  It is important to record the learning behind your actions to ensure you meet your goals and objectives.  Do not worry if something does not go as planned, learn why, and try again.

This year I listed my development needs under three key areas and set myself a number of goals with varying deadline dates. I also set myself a goal outside of work, as personal challenges are a crucial part of my on-going development. I am absolutely thrilled and grateful to have won the prestigious CPD award for 2015. Not only has it been a huge accomplishment for me personally but it is fantastic to be recognised by the water industry. I thoroughly recommend that people dedicate time to CPD and to apply for the award in 2016. Next year it could be you!”


2014 Winners

The 2014 CPD Award went to Shelley Williams, Water Technical Manager, Southern Water Water. James Williams from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water and Phillippa Pearson from Dwr Cymru Welsh Water were runners-up.

Shelley said:

“It’s not just about work it’s about understanding myself, my weaknesses, my strengths and looking at where I want or need to be both personally and professionally.

I always set myself three main objectives for the year – CPD doesn’t need to be complicated; a simple system works best for me. I keep a record of all development from reading an article in a journal to attending a fully certified training course and then I review what I gained from the experience and what more I need to learn, setting myself new goals if I need to improve.

I truly believe that anyone who thinks they don’t need to develop is already destined for failure as everyone from operators to directors still have something they can learn and benefit from.  I have been privileged enough to win this award for my approach to self development which is a great achievement and looks great on my CV. We should all be doing CPD and everyone is eligible for the CPD Award so why not apply in 2015?”