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The Institute of Water is a firm supporter of diversity in the water sector and encourages equality for all. Here are some of the things we are doing:

  • In 2013 the Institute of Water became a Signatory of the Diversity in Engineering Concordat and subsequently signed the Science Council’s Declaration on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion.
  • We had a session at our National Conference in July 2015 around generational diversity.
  • Following Board sign-off, we published the results of our April 2015 Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Membership Survey together with our priorities in our Autumn 2015 journal.
  • We held a highly successful Diversity Month in December 2015 – this was predominantly a social media programme with regular use of Twitter and Facebook channels to publish short pieces around various diversity aspects. Contributors included experts from the Science Council, the Royal Academy of Engineering and consultants in generational and gender diversity.
  • Our Autumn 2014 edition of the Journal carried a feature on ‘Women in Water’, promoting the equality and achievements of women in the water sector.
  • We published the first of two longer pieces from an expert in gender diversity in our Spring 2016 Journal, with the second due to be published in the Summer 2016 journal.
  • Check out Averil Leimon from White Water Group talking about fairness and equality in the workplace here
  • Read the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Diversity and Inclusion newsletter here

The Institute of Water Diversity Champion is board member Robin Price who can be contacted via