Environment Registration

Whether you’ve recently graduated and are considering your next career move, or wish to formally demonstrate the knowledge and skills you’ve acquired on the job to colleagues and clients, professional registration can give you the competitive edge. If you are interested in developing your career and improving your job prospects, then why not consider becoming a registered environmentalist through the Institute of Water?

The Institute of Water is licensed to award professional registrations on behalf of the Society for the Environment. The registration has three sections:

All candidates for registration as Environmental Technician, Environmental Practitioner and Chartered Environmentalist must satisfy the competence standards set by the Society for the Environment and be members of a professional body such as the Institute of Water.

You can find out further information about each of the environmental registrations and how to apply by clicking their relevant page on the left.

You may find this recorded webinar from the Society for the Environment on pathways to Registered Environmental Technician and Chartered Environmentalist useful.


By following registration through the Institute of Water you can take advantage of our extensive mentoring programme and receive expert guidance throughout your application process from mentors specialising in the environment. Click here for more information.

The importance of CPD

Continuing Professional development (CPD) is how professionally registered environmentalists demonstrate that they are enhancing their competence. Carrying out CPD needn’t be a chore and any learning that relates to the competencies is valuable – the type of learning and how to record CPD is up to the individual. Members of the Institute of Water can benefit from the help and framework available on our CPD portal, making their continuing CPD journey more straightforward and structured.

Streamlined Route to CEnv for Chartered Engineers and Chartered Scientists

If you are a Chartered Engineer or a Chartered Scientist you are already committed to sustainable development and the Institute of Water can offer you a streamlined application route to become a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv). Adding the CEnv qualification demonstrates to employers and peers that you take your environmental responsibilities as seriously as your scientific and engineering ones.

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