*FULLY BOOKED* Thames Tideway Tunnel – Part 2 Site Visit
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*FULLY BOOKED* Thames Tideway Tunnel – Part 2 Site Visit



Following last year’s successful ’Part 1 Presentation’ of the Thames Tideway Tunnel, the South East Area are pleased to announce the ‘Part 2 Site Visit’ to their Kirtling Street Construction Site.

This site is on the southern bank of the River Thames and comprises four areas of land as well as an area extending into the Thames.  It will be used to drive the main tunnel to Carnwath Road Riverside in the west and towards Chambers Wharf in the east.


What is happening at Kirtling Street?

Main construction works are now well underway at Kirtling Street. Thames Tideway (TT) are currently constructing the main shaft which will act as the entrance point to the tunnel, and allow TT to lower two Tunnel Boring Machines to the required depth to begin tunnelling later this year.

Construction of the shaft involves a process known as Diaphragm Walling or ‘D-walling’ which allows TT to create a strong concrete wall which will form the walls of the shaft. Once complete the soil in the middle of the shaft created will be excavated and this will form the shaft TT will use to access the tunnel. 

An 83m long acoustic shed is being constructed adjacent to the river wall to allow shaft excavation and future tunnelling works to continue with a minimum noise disruption to their neighbours.

In addition, TT are creating a new jetty in the river foreshore which will allow them to create an area to load and unload materials for the site by river, reducing the number of lorry movements significantly.


Who can attend?

Priority was given to those who attended ‘Part 1 Presentation’ last year.  Now the remaining places are open to all.

Due to popularity of these events any cancelations within 48 hours (other than exceptional circumstances) or no attendance will result in a £15 charge.

For further information regarding this event please contact Jason Ryall.


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  • For further information regarding this event please contact Jason Ryall.
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Kirtling Street Construction Site (Nine Elms, Wandsworth, London)

South East

October 17th 2017

October 17th 2017

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