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Institute of Water Journal

The Institute of Water Journal is a peer-reviewed, technical journal with the sole aim of providing relevant and valuable learning and knowledge on the themes of science, engineering and the environment being applied in a water context, together with thought leadership, innovation and technical developments in other areas such as regulation, customer service and skills development.

The Journal contains papers and case studies from authors working across these fields, including regulators, academics and their students, water company personnel and supply chain organisations, including consultants. Authors are encouraged to consider carefully how readers may be able to readily apply what they have learned from each paper to their role in the water industry, as provision of excellent continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities is absolutely central to the ethos of the Institute of Water.

Every paper has been peer-reviewed by a panel of experts from the Institute of Water, industry regulators and key academic partners:

  • Robin Price CSci, VP Science, Institute of Water and MD, Water Resources East
  • Ian Barker CEnv, VP Environment, Institute of Water and MD, Water Policy International
  • Jo Parker M.B.E., CEng, VP Engineering, Institute of Water and Consultant
  • Marcus Rink CSci, Chief Inspector, Drinking Water Inspectorate
  • Dr Kiran Tota-Maharaj, CEng, Reader in Civil & Environmental Engineering (Water & Environmental Engineering), Aston University, Birmingham
  • Lynn Cooper CPFA, CEnv, Chief Executive, Institute of Water
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We openly invite papers and case studies from authors working across these fields, including regulators, academics (including students), water company personnel and supply chain organisations, including consultants.

We are looking for articles that:

  • Provide relevant and valuable learning for water industry professionals
  • Present new and innovative thinking or research outputs or a different slant on an existing approach
  • Contain information and knowledge that readers will be able to readily apply to their role as part of their Continuing Professional Development
  • Contain results and conclusions which are technically credible and make a significant contribution to published literature (applies to technical articles)

We cannot accept articles that appear to be a sales pitch for a particular product or service.

There is no word limit for your submission but we expect a typical piece to be around 2500 words; short articles of around 1000 words will also be welcome. Relevant illustrations should be included wherever possible.

Interested in submitting an article? Here’s how to do it:

We only need a synopsis from you for now that briefly describes the article you would like to contribute. Please complete the Synopsis Form and email it to Martin Jameson

The synopsis will be reviewed by the Institute of Water Journal Editorial Panel and you will be contacted in due course.

Successful authors will be notified of the timescales through to publication.