Online CPD

Institute of Water members can record their continuing professional development (CPD) online using our exclusive online CPD platform. Simply log in to your online profile and select ‘My CPD’.

This unique feature allows members to:

  • Set and prioritise CPD goals online
  • Add activities for each goal, including notes and attachments
  • Complete evaluations for each activity, reflecting on learning outcomes
  • Print or save your CPD record in a read friendly format

We all develop, both personally and professionally, as we progress through our careers. By participating in CPD we can target and actively manage our learning to maximise the benefit we get out of the effort we put in. This is a good thing because it ensures:

  • We remain up to date with developments in our field of work
  • We are more resilient and able to adapt to changes in our industry
  • We are better able to meet the needs of our employer
  • We are more likely to remain interested and fulfilled throughout our career

CPD is about much more than just attending conferences and receiving training.

“CPD can include any activity that causes us to develop personally or professionally”

To get the most out of CPD we should:

  • Scope – Identify skill gaps and opportunities for development
  • Plan – Set relevant goals for development activities and target dates
  • Record – Accurately record development achievements and learning outcomes
  • Reflect – Evaluate achievements and review them against professional and development needs

The Institute of Water believes that it is important that all our members participate in some form of CPD, and we have a CPD Code. If you have a professional registration, it is a requirement that you maintain an effective CPD record. The Institute of Water’s Online CPD Portal will help you to keep track of your CPD and guide you to recording it in a way that follows best practice and maximises the benefit you get from the process.


Don’t take our word for it:


Natalie Akroyd, Head of Coal Authority Contract, Severn Trent Services

Why is CPD important to you? The key part of CPD for me is the ‘continuous’ – we are all constantly learning new things, but very rarely stop to think about what that means for our general knowledge base and experience. What has this new information given me personally? Do I now have a better understanding of a process, have I learnt about an innovative piece of technology, or have I improved my knowledge on a certain topic? And if I have, how can I utilise that in my current role, and potentially in my career progression? In order to undertake our roles to the best of our ability, we each have a responsibility to keep pace with developments and progression in our Industry, and learn from others. In my mind, this is exactly what CPD is  – we all do it, but often don’t even know it! Yet it is so important to ensure we are able to reach our full potential.

Why do you use the Institute’s CPD portal? Recording CPD can often be seen as an administrative requirement – required by companies or for professional registration – and this means it can be quite dry and not useful for the individual themselves. However, the simplistic format developed by the Institute of Water makes it quick and easy to complete, and the format helps me to really look into how I utilise the development I’ve achieved and identify what it means for me. You are able to set goals and targets, and the system will send you reminders when timescales you have set are approaching. It is easy to navigate and print, so I can easily review what I achieved over the last few years, and share with others if I wish. This system is geared to you as an individual, to help you and to work for you, and that is why I have continued to utilise this system since it was introduced!