IWA UK Committee

The International Water Association (IWA) is a global network of water professionals, bringing the science and practice of water management closer together and covering all facets of the water cycle.  It helps water professionals create innovative, pragmatic and sustainable solutions to challenging global water needs. IWA is a growing and vibrant organisation that offers innovative programmes, a series of highly respected worldwide events and world-class scientific publications.

The IWA UK Committee is a sub-committee of the Institute of Water – in effect, its ‘international arm’ – and supports the delivery of the IWA’s Critical Objectives and Strategic Goals:

  • An engaged and balanced membership: increase the number of IWA UK members, and encourage active participation, by adding value to networking and knowledge exchange opportunities, and by extending IWA’s reach to a broader community of professionals
  • A source for leadingedge water knowledge: develop and promote best practice and international frameworks and standards that support a transition to greater sustainability in the water sector at a local and global scale
  • A space for professionals to exchange water knowledge, experience and knowhow: provide opportunities for IWA members – particularly young professionals – to publish and share information, and to create innovative solutions for the UK and internationally
  • A bridge between research and practice: provide a platform to promote research into, and the dissemination of, new technologies, services and practices, and promote a systems approach to drive innovation and change in the water sector
  • Support the implementation of the SDG’s: support and promote the agenda of the SDG’s, and aim to increase capability and capacity to achieve sustainable development, and the delivery of SDG6 in particular, in the UK and internationally.
YWP Conference

Thanks to support from sponsors, the IWA UK Committee has run an affordable and attractive Annual Conference for young professionals within the water sector every year since 2000.

This year, to work around coronavirus, the YWP Conference was replaced by a series of lunchtime webinars which you can access by clicking on the links below:

IWA YWP UK Webinar Chapter 1: The ‘S’ Word  | Recording

IWA YWP UK Webinar Chapter 2: The ‘S’ Word  | Recording 

Specialist Groups

The IWA has 50 Specialist Groups covering a wide range of subjects, offering like-minded IWA members to network and share knowledge. Tom Williams, Vice Chair, is talking to IWA members in the UK who have lead roles in any of the Specialist Groups to find out how the UK Committee can get closer to them. If you are an active member and would like to connect with Tom, please see his email below.

Committee Members

  • Ben Tam

    Position: Chair

    Company: Isle Utilities

  • Tom Williams

    Position: Vice Chair

    Company: Enebio

    Email: tom.williams@enebio.com

  • Kirstin Watt

    Position: Chair YWP Chapter

    Company: Scottish Water

  • Irene Carra

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Cranfield University

  • Fionn Boyle

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Anglian Water

  • Luke Dennis

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Northumbrian Water

  • Rose Jolly

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Severn Trent

  • Tony Koodie

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: BV

  • Paul Hickey

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: RAPID

  • Jo Parker

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Watershed Associates

  • Steve Kaye

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: UKWIR

  • Rob Fuller

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: WaterAid

  • Martin Currie

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Aqueum

  • Trevor Bishop

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Water Resources South East

  • Natalie Lamb

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: QCL