Membership & Standards Committee

The Membership & Standards Committee exists to ensure that all members comply with the standards applicable to their grade of membership and that the Institute continues to grow and flourish at an appropriate rate.

The Membership & Standards Committee is responsible for:

  • Defining and setting the standards for our various grades of membership
  • Maintaining a suitable code of conduct and disciplinary and appeals processes
  • Promoting, encouraging and monitoring Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Upholding the terms of licences granted by the Engineering Council, Science Council and Society for the Environment, including training and developing assessors and maintaining a uniformity of assessment processes
  • Co-operating with Universities, Institutions and other educational and training bodies within the water sector
  • Agreeing nominations for Fellow and Honorary Fellow Membership and identifying potential members to nominate for wider recognition
  • Assisting with and overseeing delivery of all relevant aspects of the Business Plan, with a focus on actions to drive increased membership recruitment and retention


The Membership & Standards Committee oversees the following aspects of membership:

  • Professional Registrations
  • CPD
  • Mentoring
  • Specialist one-day Conferences
  • Journal & Quarterly Magazine
  • Young Persons’ Network
  • Awards & Bursaries
  • Introduction to the Water Industry course
  • Links with Academia
  • STEM Partnership
  • Jobs Board


The Committee meets 3-4 times each year and is made up of the three Vice Presidents – Engineering, Environment and Science – plus up to 8 other members. Our next meeting is 1st July.

Committee Members

  • Robin Price (Chair)

    Position: Vice President Science

    Company: Water Resources East

  • Pete Barratt

    Position: Science Registrant

    Company: N/A

  • Ian Barker

    Position: Vice President Environment

    Company: Water Policy International

  • Gemma Williams

    Position: Environment Registrant

    Company: Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

  • Jo Parker

    Position: Vice President Engineering

    Company: Watershed Associates

  • Sam Phillips

    Position: Engineering Registrant

    Company: N/A

  • Kirsty Ayres

    Position: YWP Rep

    Company: WSP

  • Matt Bower

    Position: CPD Champion

    Company: DWQR Scotland

  • Tom Curtis

    Position: Academic

    Company: Newcastle University

  • Catherine Fearon

    Position: National Vice Chair

    Company: Anglian Water

  • Ian Limb

    Position: HR expert

    Company: Portsmouth Water