Midlands Area Committee

Welcome to the Midlands Area of the Institute of Water!

The Midlands Area committee represents members across West Midlands and is mainly covered by Severn Trent  and South Staffordshire Water. Our area prides towards great diversity at all levels in the committee. We are well represented and come from different working backgrounds – water companies, supply chains and 3rd party contractors. Each one of us have a range of experience which we feel when all these experiences are put together bring diverse opportunities towards our events.

Our key yearly events include:

  • President’s Party
  • Strategy Committee Weekend
  • Yearly Meet and Greet
  • Development Day

In addition, to ensure we reach as many members as possible we also hold Mini Conferences and a range of other events, from social evenings to technical site visits and everything in between. For more details on our upcoming events, see our events page.


Innovation Awards 2020

Please see our Midlands Area Innovation Awards 2020 highlights video below:

Upcoming Midlands Area Events: 

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and the related Government guidelines. In light of an increase in confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK we have taken the difficult decision to postpone several of our IWater regional events.

Our main priority is the safety and health of our members, delegates, speakers and IWater team who are at the front line in providing essential water services and as a result we cannot justify putting anyone at risk.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

To keep up to date and view a list of upcoming events (and past events) in your Area, follow this link then filter by Area.

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Committee Members

  • Mary Porter-Chorley

    Position: Area Secretary and Rising Star 2020

    Company: Severn Trent Water

    Email: Mary.Porter-Chorley@severntrent.co.uk

  • Bob Stear

    Position: Area President

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Peter Aspley

    Position: Past President and Committee Member

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Rose Jolly

    Position: Area Chair

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Gary Cox

    Position: Area Representative

    Company: OnSite

  • Declan Barlow

    Position: Supporting Area Forum Rep

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Georgia Brown

    Position: YPN Champion

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Natalie Akroyd

    Position: Treasurer and Sponsorship Coordinator

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Krisztian Ivan

    Position: Event Leader

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Cieran Muldoon

    Position: Event Leader and Sponsorship Coordinator

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Stephen Woodhams

    Position: Social Media Lead and Committee Member

    Company: South Staffs Water

  • Heidi Knapton

    Position: Social Media Lead and Committee Member

    Company: South Staffs Water

  • Jack Picketts

    Position: YPN Assistant

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Tom Swain

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Fiona Murphy

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Severn Trent Water

  • Tim Parkinson

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Tim Parkinson LTD

  • Bob Windmill

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Windmill Insight Solutions Ltd

  • Nicky Fomes

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: Navigate Infrastructure Consulting

  • Manbir Thandi

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: DWF

  • Hossein Rezeai

    Position: Committee Member

    Company: OTA Water