UK Water Industry Course

The Introduction to UK Water Industry course has been designed to help anyone working with or in the water sector gain a detailed understanding of all aspects of the water cycle and the management and delivery of this essential service.

It will give delegates the information they need to develop their careers and to better understand the interaction and impact the various stakeholders have on the water sector.

Introduction to UK Water Industry is for all levels of staff including those working in operational, technical, scientific, customer service and regulation areas. It can be run on-site and can be tailored to include company-specific information.

During the course, delegates can:

  • Learn about all the functions involved in the delivery of a water service
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the UK water industry
  • Identify the key drivers and economic value chain in the water industry
  • Expand their existing knowledge of the water industry
  • Explore issues affecting the future of water service provision in the UK and beyond.


Upcoming Courses

Due to the pandemic and current social distancing restrictions, our courses have moved online!

The courses will now take place virtually and be fully facilitated online, delivered in 4 modules (between 08.45hrs – 13.30hrs daily)

  • 03-06 October 
  • 21-24 November 

4 virtual modules: 

  • Regulation and Financial Cycle
  • Water Cycle, Treatment and Distribution
  • Wastewater and Sludge
  • The Future and Emerging Pollutants

To book a place on the online course please click here to download a booking form.

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For further information about the course please call the Institute of Water Head Office on 0191 422 0088 or e-mail: or contact our delivery partner Ceris Van De Vyver via

“This course is really useful and enjoyable. We’re given lots of breaks so we can stay focussed, and I like how interactive it is and splitting off into separate groups for discussions.”  Abigail

“Very interesting, and great enthusiasm and delivery of content, really enjoyed it!”  Alex

“Fantastic trainer that was captivating the whole way through! Especially impressed considering it was done over zoom!” Jasmine