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USIT Awards

Utilities and Service Industries Training Limited (USIT) is a charity providing grants and bursaries for education and training for the utilities industries. USIT was established in 2004 to advance education and training in the water industry for the public benefit, primarily in the water industry, but also in other public utilities, service industries and government departments and agencies.

The charity is currently managed by four trustees who care about the future of the utilities industries and are committed to supporting education and training. Each of the trustees holds or has held a senior position in the Institute of Water and the ethos of both organisations are closely aligned.

There are three types of Awards available:

1. Harvard Award
Sponsorship to attend the High Potentials Leadership Program at Harvard Business School

2. Business Skills Award
Sponsorship of up to £7,500 to attend an established academic or training course of your choice in the UK which is relevant to the utilities industry

3. CPD Award
Sponsorship to attend a major conference or seminar organised by a partner organisation such as the Institute of Water, SBWWI or EUA.

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Previous Winners

Zhong Zhang from the Environment Agency in Wales was one of six people to benefit from the CPD Award in 2011 and attend the Institute’s Annual Conference:

“I enjoyed every minute of the Conference. All of the speakers were brilliant and they provided a lot of useful information and covered such a wide range of areas from the development and challenges of different water-related organisations to engagement and communication with public. When I look back at my USIT application the event definitely exceeded my expectations in all the three areas of learning, networking and being inspired. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to attend such a great event”.