IWater Inspire



Women’s Network has launched IWater Inspire, aimed at inspiring personal and professional development through exploring the books that have influenced the IWater community. Open to all, IWater Inspire addresses the community need for a personal development platform that allows for as much or as little engagement as you have time for, making it accessible to the busiest of professionals!

IWater Inspire offers multiple ways of engaging and learning:

  • Online and in-person events, such as talks from industry leaders on the books that influenced their career, Speed Book Review events and workshops based on some of the most inspiring books out there.
  • A ‘Book of the Quarter’ where, in every issue of the Institute of Water Magazine, a community member shares a personal development book that inspired their career.
  • An online community where members can discuss books of interest, make recommendations, keep track of events, share ideas for future events and, most importantly, check out the Book of the Quarter.

IWater Inspire successfully launched in June with an interactive and informative inaugural event. Attendees shared why they were interested in joining the community:

“I want to find out which books inspired others…so that I can borrow the best ideas!”

“To create more diversity in my thought processes by reading and hearing new material.”

“To network across the UK!”

Now with a second event under its belt, the Strengths Workshop, the IWater Inspire community is rapidly growing and inspiring more and more water professionals. The workshop was designed and delivered by Natasha Giroux, consultant at Isle and IWater Inspire Founder, and was based on exercises from her recommended read, The Squiggly Career by Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper.

The workshop took attendees through a series of exercises to develop an understanding of their professional strengths, ending in a ‘Super Strengths Speed Networking’ session. Attendees contributed throughout with insightful reflections and a key takeaway was that it’s easy to reflect on our weaknesses, but development is also about building an understanding of your key strengths. In fact, the ’80:20 rule’ suggests that we should spend only 20% of our time addressing our weaknesses and the other 80% working on our strengths. Attendees left the workshop with a shortlist of ‘Super Strengths’ and a worksheet full of strength-exploring exercises for use in their own time.

Join our online Goodreads community

Be an active member of the IWater Inspire community and join our Goodreads group! Goodreads is a website and app where you can track what you want to read, what you’re reading and what you’ve read, as well as letting you read millions of book reviews and join reading groups. The IWater Inspire reading group is a place for discussing books of interest, sharing book recommendations, keeping track of events, sharing ideas for future events and, most importantly, checking out our Book of the Quarter.

Joining our Goodreads group is very easy: create an account here and search for ‘IWater Inspire’ in Groups to join. We have a how-to video here to guide you.